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a peaceful walk in the woods really relaxes me. the fact that I’m dragging a body should be irrelevant.

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gay person: *breathes*
white girl: OMG you're so SASSY xDD i love gay ppl lolz lets go shopping


this is the most important google image search you’ll ever see

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i wish my weight is as low as my self esteem

why are pictures like this taken and also why do you guys reblog them 





there is not a better feeling than someone playing with your hair

Or running their fingers down your back.

Unless you thought you were alone.

And now, the weather.

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yes hello this is your pilot speaking and by pilot i mean i read a wikihow on flying a plane once so i guess ill just have to WING it haha just a little pilot humor okie dokie nothing to worry about folks im sure i can figure this out

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transparent gerard in a paint splatter for ur blog


I never realized how overdramatic Zac Efron was until Tumblr. 
me: do i have enough time to read these books?
me: no
me: *buys books*